Corals Matter

Interactive Banner

The core of the “Corals Matter” concept is our interactive banner. With a single click you have access to a world of amazing imagery, clear messages about the state of coral reefs today and incredible resources to illustrate them at various levels. From short explanations to scientific papers.


The Corals Matter banner can be used in a variety of ways. From a simple mural that intrigues visitors passing by who intuitively are invited to scan the code, to full teaching sessions in science center/museum labs or in schools using the different tools including the downloadable power point that tells you all you need to know.


Any institution, school, NGO, municipality, community organization or others willing to share with their constituency are allowed and invited to download the interactive banner and make it available. *


Choose one of the banners that fits your needs, highest resolution for large prints (on walls) or smaller for posters and multiple copies. Check the QR codes to make sure your copy works.


* For non-commercial use only

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